canadian goose jacket That it. Full stop. No more. I always felt that higher math, like, anything beyond high school calculus, fell in a weirdass place between Wis and Int. On one hand, I can just memorize everything, I need to be able to use critical thinking to apply what I know, but the „wisdom“ involved there feels pretty fucking far from the „wisdom“ of, say, a druid. This is kind of a peeve of mine since for a while I was bashing around the character concept of a „mathemagician“ in my head, but it never felt right to focus more on int or on wis.. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Parka At it core it a roguelike spaceship wave fighter. Think FTL meets elite:dangerous. You go sector to sector and in every sector you encounter randomly generated situations, enemies that appear, resources to harvest, neutral NPCs., of course, are not the only way to change gut microbes. As Ruth experienced, antibiotics particularly repeated courses close together can alter the balance, as can serious illness and shifts in diet. A gene might leave you more or less vulnerable to a bacterial hit, says Huttenhower. Canada Goose Parka

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