HALDY - PLUS, spol. s r.o. - výroba obalových materiálov z vlnitej lepenky


In the sphere of production packaging from corrugated cardboard we are asked partner offered best possible solutions to our customers.


  • Our products and services reaching first class niveau and supports our customers to establish itself on market.
  • Thanks to competence and open communication we are reaching the highest satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our motive power are our employees, which are flexible, with orientation to customer and with ability of continously education.
  • Our products and services must lead to longterm profitable trades, only this is the way to be responsible partner to our customer.
  • Success of ours customers on market must be our target, because only this will lead to our success.
  • Communication between us and also to our customers must be profesional and unbureaucratic, only in this case we will be competitive on market.