Time for FA to back the man Authentic Prada Trainers in black

You may be familiar with Mr Bryan Richardson, the chairman of Coventry City. A few weeks ago he referred to the prodigious size of his Authentic Prada Canvas Bag then player Dion Dublin’s lunchbox; Dublin was clearly upset and embarrassed, even though many people would be happy to blush in such circumstances.

Well, Mr Richardson, who is a Football Association council member, is in the news again today, and in even less edifying circumstances. He has been hauled before the FA beak, charged with misconduct for an alleged verbal broadside on the referee Steve Dunn.

Richardson’s confrontation with Dunn reportedly took place in the dressing-room at Selhurst Park on December 5 after Wimbledon had come from behind to beat the Sky Blues 2-1. In his official report Dunn mentioned Richardson’s comments about two penalty appeals.

Now, this is not an attack on Richardson, who has 14 days to respond to the charge and may ask for a personal hearing. In other circumstances he has proved to be a man of some urbanity and humour, as befits the younger brother of the two Worcestershire and England cricketers, Dick and Peter.

Peter was the flannelled japer who sent faked cricket records to EW Swanton for publication in the Daily Telegraph. Once, when he was dismissed in a Test match, a radio reporter Authentic Prada Leather Handbags asked him what sort of ball it had been. „I’m not sure,“ he said, „but I think it was a Stuart Surridge.“

For this I am willing to forgive kid brother Bryan much, but not everything. And certainly not if he made ill-tempered remarks to a referee Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk in the dressing-room after a match. But I am less interested in Richardson’s post-match etiquette than what the FA is prepared to do about it. Nothing, most likely.

The yuletide newspapers and magazines are full of images of the past sporting year, and especially of the World Cup in France. That was the last time referees got any respect at all, because of the hard line adopted by Fifa, which then became a little too hard because officials were not flourishing enough yellow and red cards.

But the firm example of France was not one the FA was willing to follow. This season officials have been fair game for just about anybody and Authentic Prada Handbags Outlet Uk have been subjected to constant abuse from players, managers and now, it seems, even chairmen. Like Richardson, Carlisle’s Michael Knighton is in hot water for comments made to the referee Kevin Lynch.

Football chairmen, famously, know nothing about football. Jimmy Greaves observed a few seasons ago: „We now live in the age of the high-profile chairman. He wants power, glory and prestige. He even wants to run the game. Yet these are the people who Authentic Prada Gauffre took us into the Inter Two-Bob Cup.“ And Barry Fry, when he was manager of Birmingham, Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk said the club owner David Sullivan did not know the difference between a goalline and a clothes line.

So why is even today’s devalued FA prepared to stand aside and do nothing while its officials are almost ritually humiliated? It reflects a body which has lost all moral authority and which handbags, even before the Kelly-Wiseman affair, ran into trouble over the Glenn Hoddle book and, just before the World Cup, the Alan Shearer kicking fiasco.

Yesterday a spokesman said: „We have unlimited powers. We can fine people heavily and we can also ban managers from the touchline.“ And what happens? Very little.

This is just an idea, a polemic point, no more, but I suggest that any club whose manager, chairman or tea-lady is caught criticising the performance of a referee should be docked two points on the spot. Or perhaps five. In most seasons that would be enough to send the likes of Coventry down.

As for Wimbledon, they would now probably be competing in the Dr Martens or Ryman leagues, given their manager Joe Kinnear’s Bicester Village Prada Opening penchant for letting Bergdorf Goodman Prada Mens Shoes off both barrels in the general direction of the man in black. It felt All Prada Nylon Bags a little strange on Saturday night when, after his club’s 3-1 defeat by struggling Southampton at The Dell, he said: „We were outplayed by a far better side.“ Sorry?