Campaign Slogan Meets Reality

and Mexico when he was a candidate. Now that he is president, it’s canada goose factory sale unclear just what that wall is going to look like and when Canada Goose Online it might get built.

What we know so far is that it’s likely to be a fence, not a wall, it won’t extend the length of the border and it will be cheap canada goose uk very unpopular with its southern neighbor.

At the buy canada goose jacket cheap moment, about a canada goose black friday sale third of the 2,000 mile border with canada goose uk outlet Mexico is fenced. Some parts are 10 feet tall, some are 20 feet, some are wire mesh, some are steel beams.

Border enforcement officials have been telling Trump’s transition team that a fence alone is not enough. You also need agents, camera towers, stadium lights and sensors. If the president insists on a „great wall“ to deliver on his campaign promise, cheap Canada Goose Customs and Canada Goose Coats On Sale Border Canada Goose Jackets Protection has identified buy canada goose jacket 400 miles where the fence can be extended or reinforced.

But there are canada goose store clearly sections where it remains impractical. For instance, the border fence stops at a gnarly mountain range at canada goose coats on sale Otay Mesa about 15 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. The view from here is open country no dividing line, no nothing.

„At the canada goose uk black friday time that this fence was built, it was too expensive to continue,“ says Border Patrol spokesman Joshua Devack. The mountains are a natural barrier that, he says, „a lot of crossers choose not to climb.. They prefer Canada Goose Parka to have access to roads and Canada Goose online civilization.“

According to an eight year old estimate by the Government Accountability Office, the border fence cost the government $3 million to $4 million a mile to build. Estimates canada goose clearance for additional fencing in harsher uk canada goose terrain could surpass $10 canada goose million a mile.

„This is going to divide us more“

Trump still says he will give the bill to Mexico. Earlier this month, Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto restated Canada Goose Outlet that his country „of course“ will not pay.

„We are against it,“ she says into a microphone thrust through a narrow space between the thick iron posts. „We thecanadagooseoutlet won’t pay for it. It’s bad because it’s racist. There has Canada Goose Sale to be a border between different Canada Goose sale countries, but uk canada goose outlet this is just going to divide us more.“

Mexico has not made the fence building easy.

„So we had a tight working area. That was a challenge. It was unusual but with canada goose coats proper planning we could work our way through that,“ Hoover says.

There were other challenges:

In one stretch near Yuma, Ariz., the soil was so soft workers had to tow their canada goose clearance sale equipment in with bulldozers. In some places, they had to blast through solid rock to set the fence panels. Summer temperatures soared above 100 degrees; canadian goose jacket workers had to canada goose uk shop take frequent breaks to avoid heatstroke. And because some Mexicans were hostile to the fence, Hoover says federal border agents and private security guards had to protect the construction crews around the clock.