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Not a half wolf, half sheep. Just a Canada Goose Parka wolf saying it a sheep. Both are full wolves. Note that in March of this year Bernie didn even know canada goose outlet store who Beto was: >“Asked Thursday about canada goose uk outlet the dig, Sanders said he did not know much about O or his campaign. But, Sanders added, if O is „running across Texas sounding like Bernie Sanders, that a good thing.“

He an establishment politician who ran nominally to the left to knock out Sema Hernandez, canada goose outlet parka steamrolling her with corporate and establishment money, and canada goose factory sale is now pivoting back canada goose outlet uk sale to the center right to defeat Cruz. The money is backing canada goose outlet uk both and doesn care who wins because they the same as far as the money canada goose outlet shop is concerned. The guy whose coattails he supposedly riding hasn even heard of him and his behavior doesn align with his supposed ideals. uk canada goose outlet This guy is only there canada goose outlet jackets to give you the illusion of choice so there isn a revolution.

How canada goose outlet canada you explain it to your canada goose clearance mom is up to you.

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50 years was a weird number Canada Goose online to choose. The civil rights act and voting rights act were the beginning of dems being the litteral champions of minorities.

Even if it was 5 years, cheap Canada Goose you realize LGBT people are a minority that also sharply canada goose turn Democrat for canada goose outlet in usa obvious recent support by dems.

As for now, what helps most canada goose factory outlet people?

Ending canada goose outlet new york city the ineffective and racist Drug war

Protecting people voting rights from buy canada goose jacket cheap voter suppression effortsMedicare for all to sharply decrease costs for canada goose jacket outlet Healthcare.

I could canada goose outlet toronto factory go on about stuff like net neutrality that dems defend and Republicans attack, but those aren things minorities focus on, these are.

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Predictit has official canada canada goose uk shop goose outlet the GOP gaining seats in the house (your claim) at four cents. The „no“ at 97 cents. Oh yeah, let me throw in ten dollars to gain canada goose store a whole 30 cents back in November. Oh wait, the withdraw cost from predictit would actually cancel canada goose coats on sale that out, I would still LOSE MONEY.

Boy you chose the wrong battle. Yes I know about predictit. The 2016 election was canada goose outlet sale profitable for me. But, surprise surprise, all the ones I named off as definitely canada goose uk black friday going the dems canada goose outlet nyc way are shares bought at 88 to 93 cents.

No, I don want to throw 10 dollars in to get less buy canada goose jacket than a dollar back in six months, cause canada goose outlet online uk that stupid.

And for the others? The house is canada goose outlet online WAY too chaotic to claim on specific races canada goose outlet that Canada Goose Jackets https://www.topcanadagoose.ca each have a 70% chance. Instead, notice how I talk about trends and polls, In this many races, the trend is what matters, not who is individually running.

ALSO. Anybody worth their salt in predictit knows you don make money by holding till the end, you ride trends and „buy low sell high“ I bought Hillary shares after the RNC convention and sold after the DNC canada goose clearance sale convention, made a 300 dollars that day.

God, EVEN if I expand your premise and bet on the „dems take the house“ bet for 10, I get a whooping 2 something dollars, less after withdraw fees. What a winner.

Your premise is wrong. Your cheap canada goose uk cheap Canada Goose Parkas conclusion is wrong. You wrong.

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Doubt for doubts sake is just as wrong as all the idiots who posted Huffpost „99% chance Hillary will win“ garbage in 2016.

But canada goose outlet black Canada Goose sale friday canada goose black friday sale you seem to want to canada goose outlet reviews be prepared for the future unlike everyone seemed to be in 2016, but the answer is Trumps victory was never the strange impossibility people believed.

Truth is, the polling was dead on in 2016, but dems Canada Goose Coats On Sale wanted to read a 70% chance of winning as 100%. And didn want to hear that Dem enthusiasm was down.

The best thing to learn is: who got this wrong in 2016? Bloggers and pundits mostly. Don listen to them anymore.

Instead, Try 538, the cook report, and Canada Goose Online Harry Entien is a favorite of mine.

And if you want hope, the numbers are clear again. Republican enthusiasm is at canada goose outlet store uk rock bottom levels, they canada goose coats just aren turning out, Republicans are retiring, Democrats are winning in unexpected places because they don have an unpopular candidate to defend anymore.