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Cheap Canada Goose Outlet Tsotsi, the former chairman of the Lesotho Electricity Corporation, will replace Mpho Makwana, who became chairman after a leadership crisis at Eskom in late 2009.Eskom, which supplies 95 percent of South Africa’s power, is investing 460 billion rand ($68.12 billion) to build new power plants and avoid a repeat of a crisis which forced mines and smelters to shut for days in early 2008 and cost South Africa billions of dollars in lost output.Cabinet spokesman Jimmy Manyi said the move to replace Makwana was not a reflection on his work, but rather part of the government’s bigger strategy to change the way state owned companies are run.“It was done within the broad principles of renewing the board, bringing new thinking and new strategies in,“ Manyi said.Foreign investors have been closely watching the leadership battles at Eskom, eager to know if the company would be able to supply them with enough electricity to run their operations and to power their future expansions.Eskom has said that power supply in Africa’s biggest economy will be tight over the next few years until the first of its new power plants come on stream.Makwana took over the chairmanship at Eskom from Bobby Godsell, who left together with then chief executive officer Jacob Maroga after an internal battle that dragged on for weeks.Makwana, who has been part of the Eskom board since 2002, could not be reached for comment. This could include the removal of chairman Mafika Mkwanazi.“There is a possibility that vacancies will be filled at the Transnet annual general meeting later this month and new blood introduced,“ he said.The chamber of mines, which represents the mining companies, said it was concerned by the changes in both companies, adding that both Makwana and Mkwanazi had managed to bring stability to both enterprises.“We are Canada Goose Sale deeply concerned. (and) do not understand the logic behind their removal from office,“ the chamber’s chief executive Bheki Sibiya said in a statement.“Stability and efficiencies in these two enterprises are critical in ensuring a competitive and growing mining industry which is important to the economy of Canada Goose Outlet the country.“South Africa’s powerful National Union of Mineworkers also raised objections to the government making board changes at Eskom without proper consultation.Recently appointed Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba, who oversees both Eskom and Transnet, has said he would like state owned enterprises to work in partnerships with the private sector to speed up much needed investments in power and transport infrastructure Cheap Canada Goose Outlet.