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moncler outlet canada This subreddit is dedicated to creating a place for high level discussion and content for those who wish to moncler outlet better themselves at the game. We aim to maintain a serious atmosphere devoid of jokes, memes and low effort content. Contributors are expected to read our full list of rules before posting. moncler outlet canada

moncler outlet usa Your best moncler jackets post must contain quality content that generates discussion. Quality content includes moncler sale online thorough deck analysis based on extensive and well documented play testing in a competitive environment, in depth card analysis, etc. My overall winrate was 62%, largely due to the deck overwhelming dominance against Aggro Druid. Some moncler outlet prices notable winrates include 71% against Druid (which would likely mean over 80% against aggro), 86% against Paladin (seriously), and 75% against Shaman. Also notable, however, are a 46% moncler outlet sale winrate against Warrior and a 33% winrate against Mage. This deck is heavily polarized, and probably won work in all metas without heavy teching. However, considering that 41% of my opponents were Druid (thanks Blizzard) and the vast majority were aggro, the time is right for it. moncler outlet usa

buy moncler jackets toronto The original version of this deck came from this discussion, and I made changes as appropriate. There aren too many, but they discount moncler jackets have a pretty dramatic effect on how the deck plays. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler outlet woodbury This deck runs absolutely no win conditions other than Frost Lich, meaning that against slower decks you can run into moncler outlet online trouble if she comes out very late. Your focus is entirely based around starving your opponent of resources, which comes from running most removal spells available to Mage, in an attempt to stall for her. Once she does come down, you should be focused on creating a Water Elemental every turn you possibly can, and I found that making plays that were theoretically inefficient (ie using Blizzard on a single 3 health target) worked out well in practice. moncler outlet woodbury

womens moncler jackets The time of the Aggro Druid moncler womens jackets has arrived, which this deck absolutely preys on. I stopped mulliganning for Skulking Geist a long time ago, and moncler outlet woodbury you should now be looking for Doomsayer, Frostbolt (saved for Vicious Fledgling whenever possible), Frost cheap moncler jackets Nova (only with Doomsayer on the coin), and Blizzard. Blizzard is so good against this deck, and you have so many ways to survive up to it, that I actually do think it worth keeping in your opening hand. Dropping Blizzard is usually the start of your stabilization, so unless you get god drawn your odds are generally going to be better with it than without. If you ever have a chance to draw against this deck, do it; cheap moncler jackets womens your stall cards will take you to victory and it moncler outlet prices usually worth the face damage if you lacking good answers for later. Jade Druid is also very doable, although does rely a bit on things going your way. If Geist and Frost Lich aren at the bottom of your deck, you actually do have enough removal to counter their threats, which is pretty rare for a control deck. Whenever possible, save Doomsayer for use with freeze on a large board, Polymorph for Aya, and Counterspell for Ultimate Infestation. If they start emptying their hand right before 10 mana, and you drop Counterspell, it can do a lot to slow them down or outright win the game if they desperate enough to go for the gamble. I didn honestly face a single Midrange Taunt Druid, it seems to have fallen out of favour. womens moncler jackets

moncler jackets kids As you can see, if Quest Mage ever becomes prominent in the meta this deck will get a swift kick out the door. What can I say? Mulligan for Primordial Glyph and pray you get double doses of good burn or additional Ice Blocks. There is a build of this deck which can hang with Quest Mage, which I discuss in the next section. Tempo Mage isn much better, sadly, as they can send out a lot of threats moncler online store quickly and hide behind Counterspells and Spellbenders. This deck is also pretty light on healing, which means you gonna get burned down badly. moncler jackets kids

moncler jackets outlet online I was honestly blown away at how well this deck handles Paladin wide Murloc boards, it just seems to have an answer for anything. Mulligan exclusively for AoE (except Meteor, which isn great in the matchup) and Arcanologist, as their pressure doesn seriously kick in for a few turns and you need to be able to clear it. Whenever possible in later turns, keep their board totally clear; I frequently found myself using Meteor just to clear out 1 or 2 health minions. Bonemare is way less scary without the charging. Polymorph is saved exclusively for Tirion or Spikeridged Steed when possible, but it also worth using it immediately on Skelemancer because it will trigger at some point if you don deal with it. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler coats sale This deck is honestly not great against Priest. It has no way to close the game out, Elementals are removed very easily, Doomsayer is never, ever going to go off, their minions are largely out of AoE range, and you lost the value game hard. Mulligan for Frost Lich and Polymorph in case of Big Priest. In the case of Big Priest, I not sure if using Polymorph on the Barnes token is correct or not. Against a smaller threat like Statue, I think it probably isn but against Black Knight or Y it can slow them down pretty well if they can immediately resurrect it. If they highroll Barnes into Y into [large threat], uk moncler sale you probably done. Your odds are better against Highlander Priest, but not moncler uk outlet dramatically so; a lot of this matchup comes down to who can drop their Hero first and it why my winrate is positive. You have two targets for Shadowreaper battlecry in this deck, and under no circumstances should you be playing them until he come down. If possible, play Alexstrasza for self healing before Lich King, as he have to Death it and may not have another answer for the larger threat. At the very least he have to sink a lot of Hero Power charges into it. moncler coats sale

moncler jackets on sale It not surprising that a deck loaded with powerful AoE does well against moncler usa a board flood strategy. Mulligan for Frostbolt (for the totems from hand), Volcanic Potion, Blizzard, Arcanologist, and Doomsayer. You really just focused on constantly clearing their board at all costs, it kind of a matchup that plays itself. If you have Skulking Geist in hand on turn 6 and aren facing down a Bloodlust lethal, it usually a good idea to play it to snipe Evolve. If you have a freeze next turn in case of the Death Knight, it always a good idea. moncler jackets on sale

cheap moncler This looks really bad, but I only played 3 games, and both losses were to the same person running a VERY greedy list with Medivh and Twisting Nether. Mulligan for Polymorph (sniping their 4 drop), Doomsayer cheap moncler jackets mens (stalling their 4 drop), and Arcanologist. This matchup went into fatigue every time and their Death Knight hero power is a counter to yours over several turns, so it important to try and keep up some amount of pressure because you going to need a board and higher life total at the end. If at all possible, keep a Blizzard and a Flamestrike in your hand for when the Death Knight drops; Blizzard > pinging Voidwalker is an Elemental and then you can clear with Flamestrike next turn. I don actually know whether drawing for answers is correct in this matchup, or whether you should be avoiding fatigue. I have seen navioot and asmodai play similar lists with double coldlight(navi has also tried baron gedon, medivh, pyros). It doesnt seem like you need a late game threat. With coldlight, jade druid will draw more cards than you and you win in uk moncler outlet fatigue. Against aggro, you just remove everything and heal with jaina. cheap moncler

moncler jackets cheap If you dont like moncler outlet store coldlight, you can check out thijs or strifecro lists. moncler jackets cheap

cheap moncler jackets edit: zalae got top 7 legend yesterday with a different list(cut 2 coldlight, add thalnos and one fireball). cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet mall My most recent match against one, he dropped Baron Geddon on 7 next to a Skulking Geist. Even though he played Geddon right into my Redemption, I still had to hope he didn have a way to kill Finja the next turn or that I drew into a Rallying Blade very soon. Needless to say, Finja got Flamestriked and I never found that Blade. The two most common decks I faced were Aggro Druid and Murloc Paladin, either of which I take the additional AoE and early game for rather than the dramatic burst healing with extra Ice Blocks. In a slightly more balanced metagame with more Quest Mage and Jade Druid, I think the Strifecro list cheap moncler coats mens probably works better. This is definitely an anti moncler sale meta deck, not cheap moncler sale a standalone one, whereas I think the Strifecro list is a bit wider in what moncler sale outlet it covers. I started playing Baron Geddon instead of alexstrasza, she just wasn doing enough. With Geddon, you pop Jaina, let them pop your block, then drop Baron Jackson (or Reno Geddon, whatever), then make a big health increase. Combine with frost nova for maximum salt. moncler outlet mall

moncler chicago Druids sometimes have garbage spells to check for counter spell, but outside of earthen scales, spreading plague, and wild growth, anything countered is a good counter. Paladin can only counter with secrets, otherwise you get a guaranteed spikeridged or kings counter spell. After playing with alex, it felt really awkward to use. You don really care about putting your opponent at 15 and defensive healing is only ever good if you can drop it on an empty board moncler chicago.