I have an older Jen Ken AF3P (glass kiln with bead door). I believe the newer Orton controllers come pre programmed with a Slump program, but mine did not. These are the steps I programmed my kiln to use:Ra 1: 500 (degrees per hour to ramp at)oF 1: 1100 (first stop for soaking)Hld1: 0.10 (10 minutes soak time)Ra 2: 250 (slow increase)oF 2: 1425 (peak temp for slumping)Hld2: 0.10 (hold, but skip if item has slumped already)Ra 3: 1100 (crash cool; open kiln a crack to make this happen if possible)oF 3: 1100 (stop at 1100)Hld3: 0 (move on)Ra 4: 150 (slowly cool off to room temp)oF 4: 0Hld : 0Step 4: Prepare the Bottle.

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