Carriage House Samplings

Canada Goose Jackets Isn this nice? I want it, of course. No matter that I have yet to finish any of the other Hawk Run designs, but maybe this will give me inspiration to pull out one of my UFOs to work on it while thinking about buying this one? Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose My mom recently visited my sister in Virginia where there is a wonderful canada goose outlet legit little needlework store. I gave her a list of charts I would be interested in having if they had any on hand. She brought back two Prairie Schooler designs that canada goose outlet store uk I been eyeing „Tortoise and the Hare“ and „September“, which I look forward to stitching at some point. Now that the weather has cooled off somewhat (still warm and sticky, but much improved) I hope to get back to stitching very canada goose outlet parka soon I getting itchy fingers! cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats I think I finally have enough stitches put in on part two of my Blackbird Designs „Mystery Sampler“ to share a progress photo. This is a slightly narrower section, so it seems to stitch up fairly quickly. And as I have a long weekend this weekend I hope to get in a bit more stitching time than I had in the past couple of weeks. This is on the stitching agenda, canada goose outlet mall but I also want to work on something else either try and finish my Prairie Schooler Rain, Rain design or maybe even start something new. I may have to dig around in my stash bins to canada goose outlet belgium see what I in the mood for. Actually I think I am in the mood for a proper, traditional sampler, or maybe a Quaker design. Or, who knows, maybe something entirely different. I let you know what I decide. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale As July 1 has come and gone, is no longer in business. At least no longer producing new designs. While I completely understand her wish to move on to something she feels more inspired to do, I am very, very sad to see her designs go out of print. I been a great fan from the very first and have a nice stack of charts from her earliest days. As I haven been stitching as much in the last few years, I also stopped buying new designs, so sadly I probably won be able to own many of her more recent charts. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Parka I did break down, however, and request „Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow“ and „Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow“. I have the other charts in the series, and though I yet to actually finish stitching any of them, I couldn bear the thought I might not have the others later on when I do get around to stitching them. The thing is the shop where I tried to order them is sold out as are her distributors. Panic! I lucked out and there were still a few copies through her Etsy shop. I wonder how long before the rest of the designs become scarce? The thing is I am making myself budget in order to pay off my credit card (am determined to finally do it), which means no purchases on whims as this is what keeps me from paying the darn thing off. I made an exception with these (and of course they had to be the more expensive designs) as I not sure how easy they will be to get later secondhand, and I don want to pay twice the cost. Is anyone snapping up her work before it disappears? As for anything else I was tempted by, I will just have to content myself with the charts I already own and have not yet stitched (and there are plenty of those in my stash)! Canada Goose Parka

If you are celebrating the Fourth of July this weekend, have a safe and enjoyable holiday. And canada goose outlet woodbury if you aren have a great weekend, too. Mine will hopefully be spent doing lots of reading and stitching and maybe even watching a movie or two. Happy Stitching everyone.

canada goose coats on sale It been a little quiet around here for the last few days because I somehow managed to wrench a muscle in my back. I think it was due to a combination of carrying a heavy bookbag to work (I walk to and from the bus stop, which is about a twenty minute walk and I usually have a book or two tucked away along with gym clothes, lunch, water bottle and other necessities meaning it really too heavy), being a little too enthusiastic on the weight machines at the gym and leaning back in my chair at work and stretching just the wrong way. I felt something go and that was that. I am beginning to feel better, but it amazing how awful you can feel and how hard it is to sleep or sit in front of a computer or look down at stitching when something is off kilter in your back! canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket I was hoping I would have lots more to share on my Hawk Run house, but at least I have more words added and canada goose outlet toronto location a very few more stitches added to the bottom. I was watching movies on the weekend and I had hoped to do lots of filling in on the bottom as I watched, but that the way it canada goose outlet winnipeg goes sometimes. The squares are really not all that big, but with a small count of linen it seems to go so slowly (for me anyway). canada goose outlet online I keep thinking I could start on the square next to this one or below it for a little variety, but I think I really need to finish what I doing rather than bouncing all over the place! buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals I contemplating taking canada goose outlet los angeles a day off work and making my weekend a three day weekend. The poor thing has been sitting in a bin all folded up (I think a good ironing will be called for first) for longer than I care to admit, but then you can do the math yourself. The first house I stitched in DMC and then decided if I was going to put so much work and effort (ha didn quite pan out, did it) into it, I was going to stitch it with silks. So the second house is stitched with AVAS silks. Can you tell the difference? I got to house three and then I not sure what happened. Life I guess. But I would love to pull it out and start working on it regularly. What bad is I also started „The Villages of Hawk Run Hollow“ when it came out as well, but I have even less stitched on it, so I had better keep things in order. I know I should only work on one or at most two projects at once, but at the moment I have three and this would be canada goose outlet hong kong a fourth. One is small and one is almost finished, so maybe I can work out a rotation? canada goose deals

canada goose clearance this is where I at on project number three at the beginning still, but it something I think will canada goose outlet kokemuksia go fairly fast if I can work on it regularly. The trick will be not to start anything else new. So far I been good and have not bought anything new from Market (though will likely get a few things eventually). I keep thinking of how many projects I have ready to stitch, and more importantly how many UFO I have waiting to be revisited. crossed that I get in lots of stitching time this weekend! canada goose clearance

Over the weekend as I was out doing errands I was close by a fabric shop so I dropped in to check out what velvets they had on hand. The pillow on the chart was finished with a velvet fabric backing, but none of Canada Goose Outlet the colors they had canada goose outlet england would work. Plus velvet is really expensive! So on my way out, my eye was caught by some silk dupioni fabrics that were on sale. I ended up canada goose outlet website legit buying a couple of cuts and am thinking this might work. What do you think? I would still like velvet, but I hate ordering online when I can find something locally that will work.

canada goose clearance sale picked out two colors. This is the red, which I think would match nicely with the border and the birds. It a bit more muted than the color here, which is quite bright. canada goose clearance sale

gold is not really as bright as this seems. It more of a burnished gold, but I couldn get a good shot of it. It does match the yellow/god colors that are part of the Quaker shapes.

Canada Goose online My other question canada goose outlet trillium parka black is which canada goose outlet reviews way the fabric should go. I not sure what the technical term is, but the weave is very obviously going in one direction so do I sew it on so it goes horizontally or vertically, or does it even matter? Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet I should have laid the beads against the fabrics as well they are varies colors, but mostly browns/reddish. I leaning towards red (not to sway anyone). I probably sew by hand as I am not very good with the sewing machine and I really like this to be as straight as possible. Then again, maybe I should attempt it with the machine. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose In any case I need to iron first, then stitch on the beads to the front of the fabric. Sewing will come next and then adding more beads to the outside edges. I know pillows should be one of the easier things to finish, but I have a feeling I going to have my work cut out for me this time around! canada goose

canada goose store I knew she had to be somewhere amongst my things. And while it took two times through the bins (such a painful job digging through stash bins.), I did find her. I got quite a lot crammed into some of those bins and she had sunk down into it and I just missed her. I was certain I had finished her, but I see I never did get around to sewing on the beads (hence the reason she wasn in my „finished“ bin). She a little wrinkled, but the worst of the wrinkles are at least on the sides. The little saying canada goose shop uk reads: „There where the weeping willow weeps, a dainty housewren sweetly cheeps“. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale she is a little closer. The color of the linen is very off (I took the photo at night with the use of a lamp), but the floss colors aren too bad. I stitched her on 40 count Ink Spot Black by R Reproductions using Needlepoint Silks. I plan on finishing her as a cushion. On the chart Kathy of mentions she used olive brown velvet, canada goose outlet houston so I may look for that as well. She somehow seems like she deserves velvet over regular cotton fabric. And I never added beads around the edges (they be slightly raised in half circles), so that will be an adventure. First I need to order my velvet, though. canada goose black friday sale

impossible (for me anyway) to look through my stash bins without pulling something out that I want to stitch. I came across this „Sampler Heart“ by The Needle Content. I had the chart and floss for a long time but have never gotten around to getting the linen. It calls for 36 count Navy Bean. I trying hard to work from my stash and not accumulate too much new stuff, so I was thinking I might just stitch this on 40 count Lambswool. It seems like it would be quick to stitch up (said the world slowest stitcher), and it would be another perfect February design. So it stays by by bedside.

I saw Terri beautiful Elizabeth Savilles sampler in all its pink glory, all I could think is must get goose outlet canada this one, too but then I started thinking of all the designs I have kitted up and ready to go. So I am trying to distract myself and pulled out an entirely different sampler. Not so pink, but still very pretty. I can find it in the places I would normally have put it. The only reason it even came to mind is I have started working on one of my other February projects, and working on red linen is harder than I remembered. Then I recalled I have stitched on black linen, and whatever happened to my little dainty housewren?? I suspect is in in one of my stash bins in a plastic ziploc bag waiting to be sewed into a little pillow. So this weekend I will be going through my stash looking for it. I think I have some serious stash organization to do. I have lots of completed projects that are just not yet finished into their final form or framed.

buy canada goose jacket cheap All of this is due to my absence from the stitching world for the last couple of years. I really missed it and am wondering how I went on so long without picking up a needle and thread. I really been enjoying working on my projects and even if I only stitch for twenty minutes a day, I look forward to those twenty minutes. Which brings me to another topic. Since I hadn been actively updating my canada goose outlet jackets blog I missed out on new blogs that have popped up and I think I lost many visitors who long ago would drop by here. If you happen by, please do leave a comment and your link, so I can get my blogroll going again. I am trying to find new stitching bloggers via other stitcher blogrolls and am really enjoying seeing new people. I not quite sure how to get the word out that I back and hope people will drop by again. Blogging and email is about the extent of my technical savvy. Do people use Twitter or Facebook? Or do you just go our and leave comments and hope others will reciprocate? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket And for those of you who have been stopping by and leaving comments and suggestions I thank you. It makes canada goose outlet eu my day to come home after work and see a new comment or two canadian goose jacket.