Rules Roundtable

/r/Economics cheap Canada Goose strives to be a subreddit dedicated to quality discussion of economic articles, news and research. However, like many communities on Reddit, good discussion often gets drowned out by canada goose outlet toronto factory a mass of off canada goose canadian goose jacket outlet uk topic and low effort discussion. In order to improve the quality of discussion canada goose outlet uk sale on the subreddit, the /r/economics mod team has added three canada goose uk outlet new mods (please welcome /u/roboczar, /u/jericho_hill and /u/TotallyNotShrimp) and will be stepping up canada goose enforcement of the existing rules.Today we specifically like to discuss Rule canada goose outlet black friday VI. Rule VI is meant to remove low quality and off topic comments, leaving room for quality canada goose outlet sale comments to thrive. Rule VI existence is due to user canada goose outlet reviews complaints our most recent survey found that most users want stricter rule enforcement then we have used in the past.What comments are disallowed under rule VI? A comment must:1) Canada Goose Coats On Sale Show an reasonable engagement with the material of the article. This can be done by asking a canada goose store related question, critiquing canada canada goose factory sale goose uk canada goose outlet outlet the canada goose outlet store uk article argument, discussing economic theory canada goose clearance bringing up new sources, etc.2) In addition, comments which are jokes, canada goose outlet nyc personal anecdotes or are canada goose uk black friday overly political are prohibited.Comments that do not fit within these guidelines will be removed. Posters who show a history of posting canada goose outlet shop these kinds of comments repeatedly will be goose outlet canada warned and eventually banned.Discussion of an Canada Goose Outlet article can only occur when posters have actually read the article. This may canada goose outlet canada seem obvious, but we receive a large volume of comments that are just reactions to the headline or canada goose outlet store quick broad statements on the topic area. Comments where Canada Goose sale it is clear that the poster has not read the article will buy canada goose jacket be removed. This doesn mean every comment has to be a point by point commentary. What it does mean is we will remove comments that are too short to make a coherent argument or make no mention to anything beyond the title. Good questions about the content of the article, or the facts canada goose outlet in usa which would place the article into better context are allowed and encouraged.Bad: Everyone knows a minimum wage is going to cost jobs.Bad: You can really get by on the current minimum Canada Goose Parka wage, it needs to be higher.Economics is concerned with public policy which means its subject matter is frequently the subject of political debate. While we recognize it impossible to have an economics Canada Goose Jackets forum and not touch on politics, economics itself is not a political exercise. Posters should be sure to focus on the canada goose black friday sale economic mechanisms and canada goose coats arguments of articles posted here while avoiding comments or discussions that would better be left to /r/politics or cable news.Good: I don think canada goose uk shop it appropriate to pass a tax cut that will increase the deficit while the economy is booming this should be the canada goose outlet online time when canada goose coats on sale we balance the budget and pay off some of the debt.Bad: canada goose clearance sale Of course the GOP and their minions just want to slash taxes on the rich, buy canada goose jacket cheap damn the consequences.Bad: Liberals weren concerned about the deficit while Obama was uk canada goose president, but under Trump canada goose outlet new york city now they super concerned about the deficit, huh?Comments Canada Goose online whose arguments rely solely on personal anecdotes will be removed. This reflects the fact that personal canada goose black friday sale anecdotes are specific to individuals and cannot be properly canada goose jacket outlet placed into context without further information. Thus they cannot be the basis of a proper economic argument. If the main point of cheap canada goose uk your comment is a personal anecdote, it will be removed.Good: According to this research paper, the premium for a college education is still near all time high levels.Bad: My school was basically useless when I got canada goose outlet jackets my job, official canada goose outlet I didn use anything I learned in college. Anyone who canada goose outlet parka researched and published understands this. Every single hypothesis in the history of humanity has started as a mere observation. Research is the process of validating anecdotes, in a certain sense. I remember one of my mentors telling me that canada goose factory Canada Goose Online outlet anecdotes are where we get research ideas.There is a bright line between saying „I observed this, and here is a theory on what happening“ and „I observed this, this is the truth.“ The first can be very interesting; the latter canada goose outlet nyc not so much. It crystal clear to canada goose outlet online uk the casual observer when the first case is happening and when the second is happening. These new rules don seem to distinguish, and seem anti intellectual in their enforcement.