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Cheap Jordan Shoes Application: The application process took a lot longer than I was expecting about two and a half hours. It can be a little off setting to have your eyes closed for that long as someone works on your lashes, but my technician walked me through the entire process and made sure I was comfortable. Low ish maintenance: You may not have to apply mascara every day, but extensions still require maintenance. You have to wash them but you should avoid oil based cleansers and you’ll have to brush them. You can sleep with them: The first night my new lashes freaked me out. I was afraid to squish them in my sleep. I soon learned that there was no way to avoid wonky lashes in the morning. Don’t worry though, a quick swipe of an eyelash brush will sort them out. Waterproof: While you can’t expose your new lashes to water or makeup for at least 24 hours after application, you can go swimming, use a sauna or work up https://www.nikeairjordanretro.com a sweat. I was warned that some of these activities could make my lashes fall out more quickly, but as a frequent gym user I didn’t have any problems. Not your mother’s lashes: I’ve worn glue on lashes to several weddings and I always hated how heavy they felt. I am happy to report that I hardly ever felt my extensions. They are light weight and feel natural. Lash life: Extensions can last for two to four weeks although I was still getting compliments on mine on week 5. It all depends on how quickly you shed your natural lashes, their exposure to water and other upkeep. You can keep you lashes looking full and beautiful by going to get a fill before all the extensions fall out. At Caryl Baker Visage, lash extension applications start at $160 with lash refills starting at $70, but other salons may offer cheaper prices cheap air force depending on the lash quality Cheap Jordan Shoes.