In what has become an annual ritual Hermes Belts Replica, Apple unveiled two upgraded versions of its flagship smartphone while keeping prices roughly the same.The iPhone 7 will start at $649 for US customers and larger iPhone 7 Plus at $769, offering more powerful processors Hermes Replica, improved camera technology and water resistance. The 7 Plus will include dual cameras for better pictures. Apple is also removing the headphone jack in favor of its proprietary „lightning“ connector, but will include an adaptor for existing headphones or earbuds.Super Mario on iPhoneApple made a splash by announcing jointly with Nintendo that „Super Mario Run“ featuring the iconic game character and developed specifically for mobile will hit the App Store this year.Apple, Nintendo and game maker Niantic announced the wildly popular Pokemon Go would be available for Apple Watch users later this month.Apple Watch Series 2The upgraded Apple Watch will include water resistance to 50 meters and GPS, to allow users to track a workout without bringing along a smartphone.

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