The biggest problem I have is I cannot seem to SEE MY ENEMY, but he sees me just fine, and I dont even hear the bullet. I have seen gameplay where people somehow have giant red boxes around their enemies Cheap Canada Goose Jackets, and other huge tells, I have to depend of the corner map and try to figure out which direction to go after seeing a line of skulls and cross bones. I know Im in a learning curve and that cool, I am not good at this game at all, I couldnt move any of my former achievements do to RROD and corrupt data so iI started form stratch. The only thing that helps (I have read so many post, guides, walk thoughs, etc) is changing my color invertness to color blind (which I am not). Im playing on a xbox 360 slim and would appreciate any help you might wish to offer. I see lots of people posting this problem but no one wants to give up the ‚holy grail‘.

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