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canada goose Swanson is also investigating collection practices at about a half dozen other companies that buy debt, Wogsland said.The allegations follow an Ohio federal judge’s preliminary approval on March 11 of a $5.2 million class action settlement of similar claims against Midland.Swanson asked the Ohio judge to clarify that the accord does not bar enforcement activity by government agencies. She wants to file her lawsuit in a Minnesota state court.“The company put its thumb on the scale of justice to unfairly tilt the collection process in its favor,“ Swanson said in a statement.Mike Huckman, an Encore spokesman, said the company looks forward to working with Swanson to resolve the matter. He also said Encore has modified its affidavit process and believes its current practices are legally sound.All 50 state attorneys general are investigating robo signing and other alleged improper practices by banks in the mortgage industry.Robo signing is a term coined to describe employees signing litigation documents without reviewing their contents.Encore had through year end invested $1.8 billion to buy 33 million accounts with a face value of $54.7 billion, or about 3 cents on the dollar, according to its annual report.In late afternoon trading, Encore shares were down 2.9 percent at $24.88 on the Nasdaq, after falling to $22.99 canada goose.