Spoty contenders, Messi magic and a premature bear toss

1 ) With the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist announced on Monday, here’s a look at the candidates for the awards which will be held on 20 December. Lizzie Armistead became World Road Race champion in the USA; Lucy Bronze made her mark at the Women’s World Cup; Jessica Ennis-Hill won her second world heptathlon title 13 months after the birth of her son; Mo Farah did the 5000m/10,000m double for the third time at a major global championships; Chris Froome won his second Tour de France after a devastating attack on stage 10; Tyson Fury became Britain’s first world heavyweight champion for six years; Lewis Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy Hamilton won his third Formula One world championship; Andy Murray steered Great Britain to their first Davis Cup title for 79 years; Adam Peaty became the first swimmer to win both sprint breaststroke events at the same World championships; Greg Rutherford added the World Championship title to his Olympic, European and Commonwealth golds; Kevin Sinfield ended his league career with Leeds Rhinos’ treble-securing Super League Grand Final win against Wigan; and finally Max Whitlock, on the pommel horse, became the first man to win a gold for Great Britain at the World Gymnastics Championships.

2) Odell Beckham Jr pulls off another exceptional touchdown for the New York Giants – but it’s only the close-up slo-mo that does it real justice. He breaks down how he made it here but this is nothing new for an extraordinary young talent.

3) Sticking with gridiron the Cleveland Browns somehow conjure defeat from victory needing only to kick this field goal to win at the death. Their long-suffering fans did not take it well, while their travails are well-documented Authentic Prada Handbags Usa in this entertaining little package of bottle-throwing and fail.

4) Musical interludes: Southern University marching band does huge version of Adele’s Hello, stick around for the choruses to see just how much they put into it and then: Tyson Fury channels Aerosmith.

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5) Last month saw the 70-year anniversary of the late, great Australian Brian Bevan making his debut for Warrington. He still holds the world record for tries scored in a rugby league career, with 796. Very little footage of him in his pomp exists, but he pops up in this Pathé coverage from the 1950 Challenge Cup final. And here he is in action in 1964 aged 40, scoring two tries for “Other Nationalities” against Scotland in a sevens competition.

6) 27 passes and, of course, Best Prada Outlet In Milan a goal. Authentic Prada Handbags Outlet Online Lionel Messi and Barcelona. Several passes, possibly a goal and, of course, a premature teddy bear toss.

Our favourites from last week’s blog

1) Following up from our bumper footballers-in-adverts spot last week, it turns out this there was still more to come. As Adam and Joe have noted Brosnan’s “Maybe you shouldn’t be living here!” from the film Taffin is a moment of genius committed to celluloid but is surely now rivalled by the understated genius of Rooney’s: “The Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale boss said that a new devil is arriving”. More low budget gurning as Blackburn Rovers feel the need to cross themselves before tucking into some Venky’s chicken; Ian Wright makes a decent fist of being himself while flogging coffee; Arsène Wenger furiously plugs the J League Pro Soccer Club game and a fascinating little collection of ads prove that the ghastly 80s were, in fact hale and hearty in 1990 as Kenny Dalglish steps up for NatWest and John Barnes, with some state of the art “blue fizz” effects, for Lucozade. The latter collection is a lovely period piece worth watching through as a reminder of a time when telly could sell cigars via monkeys and golf, Mars thought nothing of repurposing a Duran Duran video to shill sugar to kids and Barclays flogged mortgages with a “ghost banker”.

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2) Commentator Roddy Forsyth v pigeon. Pigeon wins.

3) Touching stuff Alex Pradas Quiles as Leigh Authentic Prada Handbags For Cheap Anne Walker Young, the daughter of Chicago Cubs coach Verlon “Rube” Walker, who died when she was only three years old, finally hears her father’s voice 44 years later.

4) Bong! Notts County’s Roy Carroll clears, Ben Williamson’s back scores.

5) Glorious slice of the 70s from the World Invitational Classic in 1977 when Rod Laver and Arthur Ashe took on Bjorn Borg and Ilie Nastase; then the latter also feature in William Klein’s, director of Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, infamously “lost” documentary on the 1981 French Open – The French – in an excerpt and the full film; oh, and here’s that Davis Cup-winning point in full.

6) Working the ball: from 1974, Oakland’s bid to employ a sprinter just to run comes undone; and from a more recent era, 53 reasons Australia will sorely miss Mitchell Johnson.

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