Using Vancouver Recon Instruments heads up display, Oakley Airwave Goggles combine anti fog technology and Iridium lens coatings with smart google technology that puts a display in the corner of your viewing field. It lets you track and share everything from your speed, to jump analytics, to navigation, buddy tracking, text messages, call notifications and other applications. Compatible with the VIRB 1080p HD action camera, the $650 goggles connect wirelessly to the camera, with a live feed through the heads up display as well as giving the user a remote control for the camera.

I had to try and make some sense out of it I guess I would have to say that I worry I going to be waiting so long I forget what I waiting for. Does that make sense You worry you forget what you waiting for and then you worry one day you forget that you are waiting for anything at all. Maybe you get up one day and go to work, and after work you come home and sit down in front of the TV, for instance.

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