ADM said it will eliminate about 1,000 positions worldwide „to enhance the cost structure of the company,“ estimating the cuts and other cost reductions will eventually reduce its annual pre tax expenses by more than $100 million.“To ensure that we can continue to compete effectively in our global markets, we are taking actions to streamline our organization and achieve significant, sustained cost reductions,“ said Patricia Woertz, ADM chairman and chief executive officer.ADM Replica Celine Handbags faces increasing global competition as other processors are becoming more aggressive about managing costs, spokesman David Weintraub said. The company has „never had a global targeted workforce reduction“ similar to this before and does not plan any further job cuts to control costs, he saidIt’s too soon to say in which locations and divisions the cuts will take place, Weintraub said. Employees can sign up for voluntary early retirement until the end of the month.

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