A short conspiracy theory

How sinister is it that, although best price canada goose parka conspiracy theories are everywhere, and most often invoked where they are utterly unconvincing in order to complicate things such as the moon landings, one never hears of them in relation to fashion, a field of human endeavour that is only explicable, much of the time, as „a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance“ (as Wikipedia defines a conspiracy theory).

This season, for instance, what other explanation can there be for the resurrection of shorts than that some secret organisation is plotting to make monkeys of an entire generation of women? As yet, we can only speculate who might be behind it. Fathers for Justice? Members of the Garrick Club? Mormons? The authors of the Euston Manifesto? Clearly, some extreme form of misogyny is involved. For those responsible are not content with making women’s backsides look enormous, and shortening their legs by cutting across them anywhere from the thigh to best place to buy a canada goose jacket in toronto the knee. No, with incredible cunning, they now suggest that the things be worn to offices as „city can you wash a canada goose coat shorts“, „for a smart nine-to-five look“, in combination with truncated little jackets, canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet even by women who best canada goose jacket womens will never see 30 again, and who may authentic canada goose outlet even aspire to some sort of authority in the workplace.

Brilliant, and devious as it is, canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon there are, mercifully, encouraging signs that women are standing firm against this campaign to demolish their human dignity. Other than longish winter shorts, worn with such canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet thick tights and high boots that they barely count as shorts at all, I have yet to see a pair click over here, this season, outside the pages of a magazine, or – to great average price for a canada goose jacket cautionary effect – on Coleen. But that is no reason for complacency. Be on your guard. Do not believe anything you read, even in supposedly trustworthy fashion magazines canada goose coat 1000 bulbs free that purport to bring you the six „best shorts“ – thus implying that they have saved you from the unflattering ones. The best shorts do not exist. There are only embarrassing shorts, painfully ludicrous shorts, and shorts that are downright evil. Just ask the Elders of Zion.