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Cheap Canada Goose Outlet ‚I was looking around and thinking who it could be about. Rudyard Kipling wrote If, which was voted the nation’s favourite poem and that was my starting point.’I started looking into his life, he obviously led a very interesting life and lived in India and America and here, and was constantly travelling. The more I delved into Kipling’s fascinating itinerant life, the more it became apparent that he suffered a series of major regrets hence the title.’It fell naturally into making a great play.’I read his autobiography and some biographies, and from my mother, which I think she got from her mother, we had Canada Goose Sale his complete works in their original 1920s bindings, so I had that treasure trove within the family too.’I found all sorts of lovely Canada Goose Outlet letters and more obscure pieces in that, canada goose sale and I’ve woven all that in to it.’It weaves his life and his writing together some of his poems and extracts from his famous books like The Jungle book and the Just So stories are in there.’A friend and colleague of mine, Matt Jones plays Kipling and he’s the spitting image of him when he gets his moustache on Cheap Canada Goose Outlet.