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celine replica top quality A tenacious Idahoan is rallying the Gem State around one of the tallest skyscrapers in downtown Boise to drop an oversized, illuminated effigy of a potato from the roof at the stroke of midnight. They’re using a Shopify store to accept donations to make the event possible.Dylan Cline, a fourth generation Idahoan, was watching a documentary on the ball drop in Times Square in 2011 when a light bulb switched on. He remembers thinking, „How cool would it be if instead of a ball they dropped a giant potato?“Idahoans from around the state are making travel plans to see their version of a monumental New Year’s Eve.But, by far, the biggest hurdle was finding funding.“I wanted this to be a free community event that showcased the best that Idaho has to offer,“ said Cline celine replica top quality.