Dr Harold L Atkins and Dr Mark S Freedman from The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, and colleagues tested whether complete destruction, rather than suppression, of the immune system during aHSCT would reduce the relapse rate in patients and increase long term disease remission. They enrolled 24 patients aged 18 50 from three Canadian hospitals who had all previously undergone standard immunosuppressive therapy which did not control the MS. All patients had poor prognosis and their disability ranged from moderate to requiring a walking aid to walk 100m, according to their Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) scores [1]..

„It suggests that greater monitoring might not work,“ he says. „Control systems to ensure people are working the correct number of hours, or doing the work they’re supposed to do instead of surfing the Internet these may have the reverse effect. People perceive them as a challenge to overcome.

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