For instance, psychological tests might reveal that two candidates might each drink three glasses of alcohol a night, and proceed to make a judgment based on this information. One candidate might drink due to chronic alcoholism, while the other might drink due to depression or lack of sleep. Psychological tests do not make such distinction.Finally, although psychometric testing claims objectivity and freedom from bias, it is still possible for a skilled candidate to fake the results, the validity scales to check for faking and malingering notwithstanding.

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They closed the top, locked it up, and applauded. Unfortunately, they didn’t think to immediately open it and let me out, because I came within seconds of getting thrown into a bus along with the other luggage. I guess what I’m saying is: step up your game, Riggs.

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Important spectroscopic and laser parameters of rare earth doped glasses have been commonly analyzed using the Judd Ofelt theory37,38. Details of the theory and method have been well described earlier, so only the results will be presented in this section. The intensity parameters t of these Er3+ doped glasses are calculated and shown in the Table 2.

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