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canada goose outlet toronto address /r/programme_irl me too, thanksThey Canada Goose Online do, and I prefer to turn on Wall and Werror, but again, this is just another habit I picked up. I used manufacturer compilers and in house compilers (gross) for SoCs and custom silicon that don offer all these features. Also, some portability standards (albeit old ones now that gcc and clang are king) require you not to use canada goose store any compiler extensions, which warnings technically are. canada goose outlet toronto address

canada goose outlet florida Another thing is that turning on Wall can lead to a bunch of extraneous warnings that aren actually relevant to the situation, particularly in optimized code. This leads to developer apathy, where you become slowly more immune to the list of warning messages. There are methods to indicate to the compiler not to warn on a particular section and turn off particular error messages, but buy canada goose jacket cheap I found these two options offer either too Canada Goose sale much granularity to canada goose uk shop be practical, or not enough granularity. It a catch canada goose uk outlet 22 in a lot of ways. canada goose outlet florida

canada goose outlet black friday I absolutely agree that we should use every possible method for ensuring code quality, and I think using warning levels are an excellent choice. I also think that there are little tricks canadian goose jacket that developers pick up, often personal to canada goose uk black friday them, that seem to help. This one seems to have sparked some debate, which I am grateful for. I always glad to see these types of discussions. Thanks!This is, unfortunately, not always true. canada goose factory sale Story Time! canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet michigan My first programming job after graduating. We are trying to interface with a engineering data bus in an industrial plant, in order to machinery status to optimize maintenance canada goose black friday sale schedules. canada goose outlet michigan

canada goose uk site We have a Canada Goose Coats On Sale recording of the data stream on the bus, which we made simply by plugging into the serial port of the main computer and dumping the stream using some modem software. This gives us a big data file with 32 columns of numbers, 1 column for each data channel. canada goose uk site

buy canada goose uk We can make sense of the stream. The data mostly looks as we expected, but frequently it cheap canada goose uk would appear all messed up. At random intervals channels of data would disappear, and all the other channel Canada Goose Parka would get corrupted. There must be a bug in the control system data generation routines, but we have no access to the code of that system, and the company that built it is out of business. buy canada goose uk

canada goose outlet store montreal Spend months trying to reverse engineer the problem, so we can predict the channel dropouts and filter them from the data stream. That analysis is going nowhere. The whole project is being delayed because we don have a reliable data stream. Pressure is mounting, morale is falling. canada goose outlet store montreal

canada goose outlet los angeles One day I am looking cheap Canada Goose at a canada goose coats physical printout of the data (we were that desperate), and I notice that every single time the data stream problem occurs, there is a channel that was positive before the problem and negative after the problem (or the other way around). I do a quick scan of the file. There is not a single 0 Canada Goose online reading in the entire file. We do a Canada Goose Outlet quick test with the software used to make the recording, and discover that when a 0 value is received on the stream, it skips canada goose clearance sale over it and does not record it. This also throws off the data synchronization. So there is nothing wrong with the data stream. The „bug“ was with our original canada goose coats on sale recording! canada goose outlet los angeles

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canada goose parka outlet uk TL;DR; canada goose clearance Spent months looking in all the wrong places for the solution to a roadblocking problem. When problem was solved, discovered that the problem was being used to cover up huge delays elsewhere in the project canada goose parka outlet uk.