14 16 SPCA for Monterey County presents „Santa Paws“ pet photos with Santa. Friday through Sunday, Nov. 14 16, at Del Monte Shopping Center, Highway 1 and Munras, Monterey. First things first, a wedding is the ceremony. It’s the vows you take BEFORE the marriage starts. Marriage is the ever after, the part that is most important.

kitchenware Judging will be conducted and prizes awarded on Monday, Dec. 7. The community will select a „people’s choice“ winner through a public ballot and Vigo County judges Phil Adler,Lakshmi „Lucky“ Reddy and Dan Kelly will determine the other winners. Toothpaste Candyvia redditAh, candy: the annual means with which homeowners bribe children so they don’t plaster their cars with eggs. In the spirit of the challenge, I decided to make the candy from household items as well. But what possible treats could I glean from the harvest of a bathroom? Hotel soaps? Shaving cream? Pomade? The solution came from across the pond:Why would anyone put toothpaste in the freezer? Is toothpaste now a foodstuff according to the EU? Nonetheless, I took out the toothpaste, squeezed out mint sized globs, and froze them:Unlike M freezer toothpaste mints actually melt in your hands and not in your mouth.Shockingly, the result was like eating plain toothpaste. kitchenware

fondant tools Some of the original iron nails were left in place to secure the original boards to the framework, but the nails will be sealed with a coating during the painting process to prevent rust. The outside of the building will be painted white to appear just as it was decades ago. The windows and green trim were expertly cut and installed.. fondant tools

plastic mould At the Xclaim! Center, 502 College St. Tickets are $9 for adults, $7 for seniors and students and $5 for children kindergarten age and under. At South Central Bank’s Operations Center on Rogers Wells Boulevard in Glasgow. „We also are going to be hosting educational programs and working to educate people about dementia,“ Saladino said. In addition, Beach House will be the first host site in this area to be in a nation wide „safe return“ program. Seniors with dementia in the community, who have enrolled in the safe return program, will wear bracelets with a code. plastic mould

bakeware factory I spent the first part of my meal nursing my throbbing finger while a co worker who from here on out shall be referred to as „Jimmy,“ short for former President Jimmy Carter, peanut man happily cracked and chucked away, flinging his peanut shells across the room with childlike abandon. It took me back to my college days, blissfully shoving piles of peanut shells on the floor of Mark’s Brother’s bar. The main difference, of course, is that when I lunched at the Roadhouse on Wednesday, I was wearing a business suit and was actually encouraged to dump the shells, not furtively swiveling my T shirt and jeans clad body at Mark’s Brother’s to hide the growing heap of refuse under the table.. bakeware factory

decorating tools MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) A Manitowoc 7th grader’s dedication to community service will soon be recognized by state lawmakers.Lia Haile launched the „Hopeful Hearts Club“ in 2012 which provides assistance to kids and families at the Hope House, which is a homeless shelter in Manitowoc.For the 13 year old teenager, it’s a hobby which involves putting together gift baskets and throwing birthday parties for kids who otherwise would go without.Lia said http://www.cq-mould.com/P_view.asp?pid=1586, „Five years ago I met a little boy in the shelter whose birthday it was the day my mom and I were supposed to drop off donations, but I felt bad because we didn’t have anything for him. So then after that I just kind of asked how I can get more involved or how he can have a birthday party and it just spread from there.“Since then kitchenware, Lia’s hosted more than 50 celebrations for children, as part of her „Hopeful Hearts Club.“Each kid gets a cake, a small gift, and party decorations.Plus, new arrivals receive a welcome bag which includes a variety of different items, all of which have been donated through Lia’s fundraising efforts.It’s hard work that even State Representative Paul Tittl recognizes.“Some people don’t think we have a homeless problem, but we do decorating tools.