Vic, while I was raised in Wisconsin, I had the good fortune of living in Pittsburgh at one point. This week’s game features two coaches from Pittsburgh, Mike McCarthy and Jim Tomsula. I have always been impressed by the long list of NFL coaches that have come from Western Pa.

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cheap oakleys They say too little time was spent discussing the deal to bring General Electric’s global operations center to The Banks and on several bike projects.Critics aside, Cranley, 40, is comfortable in a role that’s both policy leader and public face of a city undergoing a resurgence that’s grabbing national attention. He’s helped add 5,000 jobs, killed a plan to privatize parking, passed the city’s first structurally balanced budget in years and brought the city’s police force back up to a complement of more than 1,000.“The city is moving in the right direction,“ he said, „but there is still a lot of work to do. I am working every day to get things moving.“(Photo: The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger)His biggest disappointment: that council put the 3.6 mile streetcar back on track cheap oakleys.