On the memory side of things we got our Crucial PC 4300 memory modules up to DDR2 733MHz (5 4 4 12) at 275MHz FSB. Anything higher would cause the system not to post. This was all done at 1.43Vcore, 1.9Vdimm, and 1.85V on the north bridge. One target of the thefts, the Canadian Community Support Foundation (CCSF), decided to do something about it: they placed GPS trackers inside the donation bins so they could see where they were being taken after the thefts.“It has occurred in previous years in the industry on a minor scale. It has escalated to an alarming degree in the last 6 months,“ Siggia wrote in an email.The organization took matters into their own hands, using pieces of wood to secure GPS units inside the bins.They watched one theft take place in real time on an iPad, following the bin from its original location to a storage facility elsewhere in Ottawa.On June 13 Canada Goose Outlet, the police made an arrest in connection with the case at a storage yard in the east end Canada Goose Outlet winterdownparkas.com, according to a.“Ottawa was the pilot sting operation Canada Goose Sale, and we are rolling out various sting operations in all areas we are having issues,“ she said.Part of the reason for the sting operation is a lack of law enforcement on the issue.Siggia says many city councils are willing to pass regulations, but „they often don’t offer increased resources for bylaw enforcement to actually deal with the problem.“She praises Councillor Allan Hubley in Ottawa for his active roll in enforcing regulations, but suggests that in other jurisdictions, „pirate bin operators are running wild making a fortune by avoiding things like permissions and licensing requirements, as well as stealing or hijacking bins.“Clothing bin thefts aren’t unusual. Criminals steal the bins so they can repaint them and place them elsewhere to trick the public into giving them clothes, which they then resell.The City of Ottawa recently adopted a bylaw forcing the owners of clothing bins to get permission from the property owner before placing a bin.The bylaw also requires operators to post their name, address and the purpose of their clothing collection.CBC News reported on the new bylaw, and the state of clothing donations in Ottawa, earlier this month.

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