Mostly they played at Merrion, a cricket club 20 kilometres from home, tucked away by the river on Angelsea Road in south Dublin. It was an agreeable setting for the children to learn the sport, and Jimmy was often on hand during their matches: „One of those annoying parents who still plays every shot while watching. My jerking knee is a regular cause of hilarity.“ Cricket was less a game than a family institution.

We’re in a good place. This is how it’s supposed to be. Now that we have that, we can’t ever let it go. Aug. 29: Senegalese officials announce that a university student infected with Ebola evaded health surveillance for weeks as he slipped into Senegal, carrying the deadly virus to a fifth West African nation. With mass quarantines, border closures and flight bans failing to contain the outbreak, public health officials intensified efforts to identify and contain the sick..

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