Has been a little weak on the public blaming of foreigns for everything up to and including the ever shrinking size of Curly Wurlys. Not enough snide comments about them not liking the winter weather, diving too much or generally constipating English talent, but the PFM’s feel all of that is just below the surface, my son, because you can’t say anything these days, Keysy, we all know that. You can’t call a bin bag black in some parts of the capital, you know.

Canada Goose Outlet Update 9/18/2014 Corsair has gotten back to us with some answers to some questions that we asked earlier this week. It turns out Corsair shipped AX760i/AX860i/AX1200i power supplies for about four months before they changed the firmware on them without notice. The firmware is not field upgradeable and Corsair will not be offering exchanges for anyone with an model that wants to swap out a PSU for one with the latest firmware on it. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose clearance If you are worried about having the latest and greatest technology you can go wrong with the i925X chipset boards on the Intel side of things. With LGA775 processors, PCI Express, DDR2 memory support Canada Goose Outlet, Matrix RAID capabilities, High Definition Audio, and Native Command Queuing the ABIT AA8 DuraMAX should support your needs for quite some time.When it comes to performance the board performed on par with the Intel Reference board and others that we have in house. While the default 200MHz FSB benchmarking results were average (better than below average), we found that the board performed best when overclocked canada goose clearance.