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traverseda 3 points submitted 5 days agoThe „030322“ appears to be a tile ID, and their web site seems to try just loading a big block of those tiles. So you could try all the Canada Goose Coats On Sale tiles in a range and not hit their site harder than a normal web Canada Goose Outlet browser. Most of those files being 404s is to Canada Goose Online be expected. The cheap Canada Goose date is obviously a date, and is presumably how you can get historical data. That all publicly available URLs though. Nova scotia did arrest some kid for what looks like the same type of URL enumeration. Still, uk canada goose outlet it literally just a file on their web page buy canada goose jacket cheap so you really shouldn have a problem.

I think the „geometry“ field is an encoded canada goose coats on sale polyline. If you looking to get data on location of outages, it will Canada Goose Parka take a bit of work.

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If you decide to go to the crins area I absolutely 100% highly strongly recommend to go to the plateau d especially in late September when all the colors turn yellow it absolutely wonderful. You canada goose store can do the big loop starting above La Grave (22km, 950m) or a smaller loop starting above Besse en Oisans (9km, 330m) there a parking lot pretty much on the plateau.

In the same area, a couple of smaller pretty hikes like the lac des Quirlies (lake glacier almost diving in it) (14km, 700m I think), lac du Golon with a great view on La Meije (less than 8km I think but you can keep going in the small valley above it, 500m)

I like to suggest the Dvoluy too (2h drive from Grenoble), it very pretty but the best hikes cheap canada goose uk are a canada goose uk outlet bit canada goose black friday sale canada goose coats sale on the harder side. A quick google gives me easier alternatives though (1)(2) so you might want to check it out

Extensive work with oral charcoal canada goose uk shop in poisonings (which is what hangover drunk is .) reveals very little evidence of ANY benefit. Charcoal is still part of the protocols canada goose coats because it has very low risks. but canada goose uk black friday the benefits are generally very dubious.

So: Dr. Bacon script for hangovers:

a) don drink that much, you doofus.

b) if you do, plan ahead. have a liter or so of sports drink by uk canada goose the bedside, and drink it before dropping off for the night. hypertension) issues from other reasons, take 600 to 800 mg of ibuprofen before bed (for a „normal“ 70 80 kg adult . lower if you are a 40 kg sprite).

This won Canada Goose sale eliminate the poisoning, but it will minimize the pain.

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Um. this isn a hockey game? Just because canada goose you wearing a green team sweater doesn mean that you automatically agree with everyone else wearing the same color. This is science. you go where the data goes.

I am not sure where I stand on this whole pipeline issue. I understand the economic and political realities. I think, though, that what Trudeau and Notley are essentially saying that they need to sacrifice the safety of the ecosystems buy canada goose jacket along the route in order to keep some Canadians employed. They are not prepared to say that out loud, though. And that may be a valid argument. people canadian goose jacket need to eat. But what Schindler is doing doesn have much to do with team play. it has to do with canadagooseoutlet4online an analysis of the science of this process. With his vast experience and expertise, he is saying that we are putting ecosystems at risk. That not supporting his political party. that his job.

I doubt that the Sauder School of Business Canada Goose online has anyone with Canada Goose Jackets that expertise who could reply.

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When you only normalize for pay per province it looks like they are being underpaid. There is so much information missing from this article. What about cost of living, do they work for someone, do they run their own practice.

There are massive loan forgiveness for nurses and doctors practicing in rural Canada. I know canada goose factory sale a GP in Cape Brenton who still would have made more money going elsewhere but with the loan forgiveness considers it pretty equal.

For her, the actual problems are:

The hours. canada goose clearance Keeping emergency rooms canada goose clearance sale open in Cape Brenton are a bitch, and the hours that are required of her are not ones that I would tolerate in my job.