The LG Optimus 3D doesn’t just display 3D but it also can capture 3D as well. The 5 megapixel dual lens camera is capable of taking 3D pictures and video, which can be displayed and played on 3D capable TV’s. Once again, the camera must take the picture or record in landscape mode, otherwise it will take regular 2D pictures and video.

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Prior to entering the Blackout Haunted House, a surly man with a goatee (facial hair may not be available at all locations) holds a flashlight in your face and quizzes you about your fears and physical shortcomings. I assured him I was a specimen of superior engineering and proved it by failing to understand that „Now turn and face that wall“ meant that I should face the wall he was pointing at with his flashlight. He asked me if I was „fucking stupid,“ because these people aren’t here to keep you from freaking out; they’re here to make things worse..

Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder says to not stop but instead call 911 if someone tries to pull you over and you feel it is suspicious. He says to tell the operator your name and where you are to make sure it is an actual officer behind you. Monday from a woman traveling along Glass Road onto Highway 51 toward Union City, according to the sheriff..

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„It hurts,“ said Charita Hale fake ray bans, 24, a cousin of Lollar’s who lives in nearby Riverside, Ga., She said she wishes Lewis would tell what he knows about the death of Lollar. „Everyone says he is a peacemaker, that he respects people. He should have respect for everyone.

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