But for the past three months he’s had a different work station. This one is concealed by a blue tarp, away from the eyes of curious customers. Army veteran spends nearly every weekend behind the large sheet of plastic, mixing paint instead of drinks while working on a project that showcases his true passion..

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Usually with fighters, the better the team you play on, the less you fight, because you don have to change the game because there nothing wrong. You already up 2 0, so the coach is saying, you start something. But if you on a losing team and you down 2 0, then you have to try to change something up so you can win.

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Players who target and contact defenseless players above the shoulders will be ejected. If the foul occurs in the first half, the player will miss the rest of the game. If it happens in the second half or overtime, the player also will miss the first half of the next game.

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