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In the Goldman case, David Goldman’s wife divorced him shortly after taking their son to Brazil, where she remarried and died last year after giving birth to a daughter. Sean Goldman, now 9, has been living with his Brazilian stepfather and other relatives for five years, despite numerous court orders that the boy be returned to his American father. Governments, with President Barack Obama asking that the boy be returned to Goldman, and Brazil’s Supreme Court recently rejecting a challenge to a lower court order that the boy be returned to his biological father.

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Of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal is a unique coming of age story about a girl with an extraordinary palate. Each interconnected chapter, told from the point of view of someone who knows Eva Thorvald, explores a period of Eva life beginning with her birth and continuing through her rise to become one of the top chefs in the country.

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„He just needs to get his DNA into the franchise. He’s a motivator in a way that’s fully acceptable for other players because he’s not going to come into your timeout, like, ‚I didn’t get the ball the last three times down the court.‘ He’ll find a rebound. He’ll put his arm around your shoulders.

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