who would win in a fight

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Comment replies consisting canada goose coats solely of images will be removed. There cheap Canada Goose is a reason canada goose black friday sale that every single combat sport in existence has weight classes. Bigger, canada goose outlet store uk stronger fighters will always have a official Canada Goose Coats On Sale canada goose outlet massive advantage over smaller fighters.

There was a video of a canada goose outlet shop guy who had some some judo when he was a kid Canada Goose Parka fighting a smaller guy that was a blue belt in jiu Canada Goose Outlet jitsu. canada goose jacket outlet There was about an 80 pound difference, and the wasn even close. the bigger guy was literally just grabbing the smaller guy wrists and moving him around wherever he wanted. The smaller guy, despite wayyyyyy Canada Goose sale more technique canada goose outlet in usa and knowledge and that being in a discipline meant to allow for taking on Canada Goose Online a larger opponnent, canada goose outlet new york city simply didn have the strength canada goose uk outlet to do anything to the bigger guy. The little guy tried to put him canada goose clearance in an arm bar, and canada goose outlet sale the big guy just did canada goose outlet uk a curl.

Size matters in a fight. I used canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet canada to work in a smaller town, and the 1/2 (depends on what site) wrestling recruit in the nation wrestled at the local high school. canada goose uk canada goose outlet outlet parka Guy was a stud, wrestling in the Junior canada goose black friday sale World Championships and winning it. canada goose factory outlet Great wrestler. He wrestled at 132, so canadian goose canada goose store jacket definitely smaller.

Anyways, I asked the coach one day uk canada goose „How big would canada goose coats on sale someone have to be to beat him without training?“ and he thought for https://www.officialcanadagoosesoutlet.ca a bit and said „honestly, as long as the person weighed 190 pounds or more canada goose outlet nyc and worked out routinely, they Canada Goose online probably beat him consistently. Having to wrestle someone taller and 60 pounds heavier than him that is also likely stronger than him would just wear him out. canada goose outlet black friday He win a few, but he probably lose more often than not.“

Obviously it just a random conversation with a coach, but the coach of a wrestler so prestigious saying he thinks, basically, a gym bro could come in and beat his top notch wrestler really surprised me.

Obi Wan with the high/low ground is canonically the most powerful Jedi. This is fact. Had Yoda not denied his request with typical Jedi arrogance, he could have beat Palpatine in the Senate building, which housed a variety of different altitudes; this so that the Chancellor buy canada goose jacket could always have the goose outlet canada moral high ground in Senate debates. But canada goose clearance sale Obi canada goose wan didn fight Palpatine, and Yoda soon learned that you can cleave the canada goose outlet online uk Sheev in a normal 1v1.

As we all know, spinning canada goose outlet jackets is a good trick. However, only the Chosen one can spin outside of a starfighter. Palpatine canada goose outlet toronto factory tried spinning, but he lost (but this was intentional, as losing gave him the emotional high ground when Anakin arrived). The reason for this is that spinning provides a yin yang approach (based in Eastern philosophy on balance), giving Canada Goose Jackets the spinner canada goose factory sale the high ground from above and below. This canada goose outlet is why Obi Wan was so emotional after defeating Vader on Mustafar; he expected to lose the high ground to the spin, but Anakin failed to maintain balance in the universe, symbolic of his fall to the dark side.

Anakin canada goose store doesn hate sand for the reasons he told Padme; all Jedi hate sand, as the battlefield can rapidly change between low and high ground. buy canada goose jacket cheap This is the only reason why ______ killed ______ in Rebels. This is also why Obi Wan hates flying; in space, there is no high ground as there is no frame of reference from which there is a high or low ground, due to the lack of gravity.

In ANH, Vader proves his newfound mastery by engaging Obi canada goose outlet uk sale on perfectly even ground. However, he lets himself die on the Death Star so that he could train Luke from canada goose uk black friday a higher plane of existence.

(Why was Vader so invested in the construction and maintenance of the Death Star? Because he knows Obi wan can have the high ground if there no ground left.)

In Return of the Jedi, you can see that the Throne Room contains a variety of different altitudes; canada goose outlet online Palpatine placed these there to ensure Vader defeat. However, Sheev failed to realize that his weakness was no ground, and should have covered that gaping pit that does nothing.