Hat makers say the sales would be even greater if it were not for „false Panamas“ produced in China. „They have flooded the market and many people don’t want to pay for a real hat,“ says Paul Munzn, manager of PAMAR Cia. He said that sales in Brazil, traditionally the strongest Latin American market, have declined due the Chinese imports.

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new era hats outlet Still, the chief told a local news station earlier this week that he stood by his original statements to KATC.First Assistant District Attorney Robert Chevalier said he’s spoken with Calder about the application of the law. He reiterated Calder’s statement about the DA’s office role: police officers book suspects on the charges they feel are appropriate, but the DA decides what charges will be prosecuted, based on the circumstances of the case and the law, he said.Earlier today, Governor John Bel Edwards posted on his Facebook page this morning that the state’s hate crime law clearly does not include resisting arrest. He provided a link to the law, but if you’d like to read you can also just scroll down.Here’s our original story:The state’s new „Blue Lives Matter“ law is already being used here in Acadiana new era hats outlet.