Want to pursue legal action against rapist

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It is true that you need to file a criminal complaint/press Canada Goose Coats On Sale charges Canada Goose Jackets in the place where it happened. Well funded prosecutor offices should have a victim advocacy department with specially trained advocates to help people through cheap Canada Goose the court process or give guidance. I live in a progressive Northeastern canada goose factory sale state so that at least how it is here, I can speak for all states. You could explain your situation and see canada goose outlet online uk what they say about canada goose clearance it and any actions you can take at this canada goose outlet toronto factory point criminally. canada goose store They may even have recommendations for civil actions you could possibly take. I a law student and when I interned in my canada goose outlet shop local prosecutor office, a victim walked in off the street canada goose black friday sale and reported her canada goose outlet sale rape right to a canada goose victim advocate (after a Sheriff officer in the lobby asked her what she needed), so this is acceptable canada goose outlet reviews at least with some offices/states. I not sure if anything ever happened with her case but I know someone did speak with Canada Goose Outlet her.

Tbh and I don mean at all to discourage you, I am canada goose uk outlet just being honest, it would likely be extremely difficult to prosecute your buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet case successfully. I have experience interning in my local SVU and most sexual assault cases are actually cases with no physical canada goose uk shop evidence, and often in the case of child victims, years old. But it tough to win these cases, and it very difficult for victims to have to relive. While Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet new york city it may seem harsh and some people probably haven gone about it in the best way warning you, it canada goose clearance sale entirely possible that this case has a very low chance of success and that you won wind up satisfied in goose cheap canada goose uk outlet canada the canada goose outlet nyc end, if it is pursued. Some prosecutors would be willing canada canada goose uk black friday goose Canada Goose sale outlet in usa to take the case anyway and just canada goose coats on sale try, but unless canada goose jacket outlet you have evidence, it a he said/she said that 12 years canada goose outlet parka old. It a fair warning to give but it canada goose outlet canada shouldn be given to discourage, just to canada goose outlet sale make sure someone is informed of the reality of the canada goose outlet online situation. Even fresh rape cases that are he uk canada goose said/she said are often difficult to prosecute, unfortunately. I think you right about all of it. I am very, very hesitant to have any sort of court case. When I think canada goose outlet store about it, it hurts so canada goose coats much that he never had any consequences while I had so many, but in truth, I can absolutely see how opening this back up to that degree would be more painful than anything.

And canada goose outlet jackets I agree, it would be incredibly hard to prove. I speak to the advocate, and ultimately I am strongly leaning towards not pursuing anything. I guess I am just realizing how much my heart canada goose outlet black friday still hurts that I canada goose black friday sale couldn do it when https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca it could have stopped him from doing anything to anyone else.