Mr John you were a legend. Faithfully dining at Lotus each Saturday night for practically the entire 3 years I was there. Margaritas always said they were the best you had (and since after chatting with Ant from Est, apparently his are the best too.

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At the Crest Theatre last Thursday night, there to see Jeff Bridges and band, the Abiders, it the first thing I notice. And I clearly not alone. Countless attendees make their way through the front entrance and head straight to the recessed space across from the concessions stand old standby watering hole for events like these.

He was one Minister for Climate Change who knew a thing or two about wine. Both his dad and grandfather were winemakers at Penfolds Minchinbury. But as senior ALP winelovers go, he could be replaced now by Don „The Godfather“ Farrell, who’s dead keen to get back into the Senate.

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What bike have you got? One of those mini clown bikes? Because in my years using that bridge the amount of times I’ve bashed my pedals or handlebars on the side when passing other people is ridiculous. You’ve got to stand behind your bike to pass anyone. Also during rush hour, half the time no one stops at the top of the steps to let you up.

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