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Before cover producing we have to process different kinds of paper rolls in corrugated setting. The corrugated cardboard is developed by joining of corrugated paper plies, which is alternately glued between plies of flat paper.

This process is divided in 3 elements:

  • developing and gluing waves for one-side corrugated cardboard
  • gluing of covering ply
  • separating of corrugated cardboards´ strip on sheets

Corrugated cardboard is divided according to two criterious:

– high of wave (profile) – G,F,E,D,B,C,A, K
– composition of used materials:


Corrugated cardboard is divided according to cardboard structure and wave number:

  • 2-plies
  • 3-wall
  • 5-wall
  • 7-wall

These elementary kinds of corrugated cardboard are known according to range and wave high:

  • single-wall corrugated cardboard with wave E
  • single-wall corrugated cardboard with wave B
  • single-wall corrugated cardboard with wave C

The concrete type selection of corrugated cardboard is depending on demanding purpose, demand on bearing capacity, security function and representative of pack.



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  • Establishment of the company

    Year 2001

    Haldy Plus, Ltd. Humenne has been established in 2001 as a company concerned with packing material taking over a part of production Haldy cooperative, which has been established in 1992.
  • Processing of solid board

    Year 2002

    The main business area is production of packaging material from corrugated single, double and tripple wall cardboard. Technological equipment is accomplishing demanding customer´s needs. It means sample production, production of pieces and large production with possibility of multicoloured printing. Packs are producing in different modifications, from elementary types to special constructions with help of modern technologies by the smooth or rotary form slot and also by the slotted way. The highest quality of packs for the customer is quaranteed by continual moderization of technologies, which also guaranteed possibility of producing programme enlargemet for the company. A smooth cardboard to 1200 g/m2 has been processed in company since 2002.
  • Obtaining of administration quality system certification ISO 9001:2000

    Year 2002

    Obtaining of administration quality system certification ISO 9001:2000 confirmed orientation to the customer´s needs. The certification was obtained in 2002.
  • Acquire prestige acknowledgement GOLDPACK

    Rok 2008

    In 2008 company acquired prestige acknowledgement GOLDPACK as price for best packaging of the year in category prototype and functional model for proposal of box for packing WiFi-antenna.
  • Rozšírenie skladových zásob

    Year 2010

    V súčasnosti má firma k dispozícii 1 450 m2 výrobných a 4 500 m2 skladovacích priestorov. Rozsiahle skladové priestory a dobré fungujúce vlastné a zmluvné dopravné služby umožňujú výrobu a dodávku tovaru v krátkych termínoch s minimálnymi skladovými nárokmi pre zákazníka. Nový podnikový informačný systém poskytuje rozsiahle možnosti pre včasné a úplné splnenie požiadaviek našich zákazníkov.

    At present the company has available 1 450 m2 of production area and 4 500 m2 warehouses. The production and delivery of goods in short terms with minimal store demand for customer is ensured by the large warehouses and by the own and contractual transport services.

Firma HALDY-PLUS spol. s.r.o. je stále sa rozvíjajúcou, dynamickou spoločnosťou, ktorá má u svojich zákazníkov meno spoľahlivého dodávateľa, schopného splniť náročné požiadavky všetkých obchodných partnerov.

Through progressive education of management and all staff members and continuously techologies modernisation we are able to satisfy demanding needs of our customers in maximum.

Management of Haldy Plus, Ltd. manages the company on the base of long-term experience in area of packing production from corrugated cardboard and also on the base of experience of its reliable suppliers.

Corrugated packaging


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In context of expanding quality demands of ours products our company is able to improve producing quality through programmes with all company effectiveness.

Inseparable part of quality management is guarantee of products ecological ability.

Production of cardboard uses ca. 70 % matters of recycling materials, so our packs are repeatable recycling and that decreases the added costs of recycling.

Inputs to the producting process are hygienically and ecologically not harmful, we are using glues diluted with water, flexographic printing colours and varnish.