Weekly highlights: gay rights, social services in the UK and outrageously decorated cakes

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Its been a great week for gay rights around the world. Uganda hosted its first ever pride rally last weekend, contributing to a packed programme of gay pride events across the world this year. Foreign Network encouraged you to share your photos of gay pride celebrations Authentic Prada Handbag Uk you had been part of, and Morten Haukedalen sent in this photo from Europride in Oslo, Norway:

Coolest dog in town 🙂

Europride – Oslo, Norway

Sent Authentic Prada Gauffre via Guardian Witness

This weekend gay pride events are taking place in Prague, Weston-super-Mare, New York and Cardiff. You can share your celebratory photos and stories via GuardianWitness.

On Wednesday night, the UN declared its highest level of emergency for the crisis facing the 1.2 million people displaced by fighting this year in Iraq, putting it on a par with Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. As part of our ongoing coverage on the crisis in Iraq, Eujin Byun shared this photo from Khazair camp:

An Oasis on a hot day in Khazair camp

Iraqi father breaking an ice block for drinking water. Iraq is now between 43-47 degrees and it’s event hotter inside the tent.

UNHCR/Eujin Byun

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The childrens charity Kids Company has been campaigning for changes to the Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Sale delivery of care to vulnerable young people in the UK, and Society wanted to hear what changes you think are necessary and why. josiew94 shared this very personal account of her own struggles with the system, highlighting the need for change:

in the early 2000’s when I was at schooI

When I was in school the authorities knew I was being abused but they didn’t help me, instead they expelled me for poor attendance. I got my file back from them when I left and found they had known everything, everything was written down with blacked out names, but they had not helped me. At the time I was thankful, terrified of social services I spent most of my time staying out of public view. Now I look back on my childhood with the knowledge that I deserved care and wonder what it would have been like if a system existed that had the resources and training to have kept me safe.Its not right to demonise social workers, its the fault of the system and we must use one voice to demand that change for the children and young people at school with your sons and daughters who don’t have a voice to demand it.

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Whether you are a young person who feel that they have been let down by the current system, or someone who works with young people on a daily basis wed like to hear about your experiences and the changes you would like to see to childrens services where you are.

Last weekend saw the start of the new British football season and we encouraged you to share your photos and stories about your club and what it means to you. There has been some great contributions so far. curtained shared this euphoric image from the moment Guildford City won their league a couple of years ago:

Guildford City win the league

Fans and players of Guildford City celebrate the goal which clinched the 2010/11 Combined Counties Premier Division title. It might be a lowly league compared to some, but you can see how much Bicester Village Prada Discount it means to the players and supporters of the club, many of whom offered time and money to help build improvements to the stadium that enabled the club to gain promotion. Non-league football gives people the chance to get closer to your club than would be possible in the Premier League. The rewards, if/when they come, are suitably amplified.

Sent via Guardian Witness

Whichever club you support, wed love to see your photos and hear your tales on just how much your team means to you.

The Olympics-led regeneration of Stratford was one of the biggest development projects London has seen. Guardian Cities asked you to share your photos and stories if you lived or work in the area, and were eager to hear whether you had experiened a positive or negative impact from the games. Kev1049 suggests that the Olympic legacy has improved Stratford and its surroundings:

Much needed regeneration..

What’s not to like? A former wasteland changed to a beautiful, flora and fauna filled green space.

Go there on any weekend and you see how many people use this space. Great to see some money finally coming into the East End!

Sent via Guardian Witness

Ruth Kosminsky however feels like the Olympic legacy has not necessarily been beneficial for the local residents:

Since the regeneration of East London. There has been a lot of hype about how fantastic the area is to live in. This is mostly from professional people who have just discovered that the East End is not the dump that they thought it was. House prices have become very silly to put it mildly. If you are on a low income then you wont stand a chance of buying your own home. Under all the hype there are still very real social problems that were here before the regeneration and still remain today. I feel are deliberately being swept under the carpet.

To celebrate the return of The Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi Great British Bake Off, Observer Food Monthly set you a challenge of sharing your own outrageously decorated cakes. Your contributions have been of an extraordinarily high standard, with this Shark Reef Cake sent in by Harriet Childs really catching our eye:

Shark Reef Cake

This cake took FOREVER to complete! 30 hours. BUT I had an idea and I just had to keep going until it was complete. I could have made life a lot easier for myself if I’d just made a shark topper, but noooo, I had to make him swimming through the top tier, didn’t I? The bottom tier was polystyrene Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Ph into which I carved ‚underwater‘ caves and then back lit them with blue lights recessed into the board. I loved making it purse, but OMG it was such a labour of love!

Sent via Guardian Witness

We also launched a gallery where more of your terrific cake designs were featured – many thanks for all your contributions so far. You can still contribute your outrageous cake decorations to the GuardianWitness assignment.

Environment Bicester Village Prada Store Number wanted to see your summer cycling pictures and there have been lots of interesting photos and cycle routes submitted. Sullyj81 shared this wonderful one of their July cycling tour in Cuba:

Cycle Touring in Cuba

Epic day cycling through the Sierra del Rosario mountain range in July. This is the stuff of dreams.

Sent via Guardian Witness

As part of a project with the 99% Campaign, weve been asking for your inspirational stories of young people. Our first assignment was on London where stories ranged from campaigners to organisations who try to help those involved in gang culture and youth violence. Whether you live in the capital, Manchester or elsewhere in the country, share your photos and stories of young people that interest you with us.

Culture asked you for photos depicting your favourite past holiday memories and jillsett shared this rather moving family portrait from Bridlington in the early sixties:

Bridlington Boat Trip – 1960

My mum, dad and my brother Ian on our annual holiday at the seaside. My dad was a schoolteacher. My mum was pregnant with my sister Lynn at the time. My maternal grandparents came with us too but were not on the boat. I have very fond memories of these holidays and remember my brother and I being spoilt by my grandad, who always bought us a present. This time for me it was the lovely little case I am guarding proudly. Sadly, my brother died earlier this year Amazon Uk Prada Shoes aged 64.

Sent via Guardian Witness

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