David Moyes pledges his loyalty to Everton and pleads for new investment

The pressure is loaded heavily on the managers in tomorrow’s Merseyside derby but David Moyes and Rafael Bentez have stated they will stay at Everton and Liverpool as long as they are wanted. An impassioned Everton manager even went so far as to suggest that the Kirkby stadium rejection, far from marking the end of his time at Goodison Park, can be the investment opportunity for which he has been waiting.

Merseyside’s fertile rumour-mill had Moyes quitting Everton on Wednesday night when his team slumped to a pitiful defeat at Hull City and the government thwarted the stadium plan that club officials had claimed was vital to its financial future. Serious doubt lingers over Everton, but principally in terms of Bill Kenwright’s ownership plus how and where a new stadium will arise. Moyes intends to remain a constant.

„That is complete nonsense,“ the Scot said yesterday on claims he has had enough of obstacles on and off the pitch. „I’ve been here seven and a half years and worked really hard to get here C and I’m working really hard to continue it, and try and improve the club. We are in a bad moment just now but I’ll carry on trying to get through this. I’ve got great respect for the supporters. If the fans thought it wasn’t David Moyes they wanted, I would have to think about that, but at the moment I need to keep working hard with the players.“

Evertonians‘ greater concern appears how long Moyes’s patience will last with a club that has failed to attract significant new investment and has no alternative stadium plans. The suggestion of a ground share with Liverpool by the Everton chief executive, Robert Elstone, is a non-starter, although its timely resurrection on Thursday morning did divert criticism from the Goodison hierarchy. A blue herring, so to speak.

„Why should I stay?“ said Moyes, „Because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to continually go on with it. I have no doubt it will change. Maybe now with Kirkby coming to an end it’s the time for anyone who was interested in investing in the club to come forward. This has been going on for two years store, so if you were going to buy a house you wouldn’t pay full Authentic Prada Leather Handbags price if you knew that in six months you’d get more out of it. You would wait. I think if there are any suitors out there, this is their chance, even though the world is not in great shape financially.

„People know we’re not going to Kirkby. The chairman has been very open and honest in saying that we need new Black Prada Chain Bag finances and that he’s willing to speak to whoever wants to come and do it. So if there are people out there they should come and Authentic Prada Bags For Cheap do it. Liverpool City Council said they didn’t want us to leave, so I am now looking forward to seeing the sites that they recommended we move to. Can we redevelop Goodison? I would love it to be Goodison, to Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line see if we could find a way of redeveloping it, but I don’t know if that’s viable.“

Kenwright, the Everton chairman, yesterday ruled out the possibility of an appeal over Kirkby, admitting: „The book is closed.“

Moyes’s angst, meanwhile, was reserved for an injury-plagued but nevertheless under-achieving team languishing 14th in the Premier League. „I’m the man responsible for signing all the players here, so I take responsibility,“ he said. „And they should all be shaking my hand and Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Authentic Prada Bag For Sale Ph Sale thanking Agata Ruiz De La Prada Shop On Line me for giving them the chance to play for Everton, because it’s such a great club and for some of them it might not get any better.“

Across Stanley Park Bentez has the task of lifting a Liverpool squad eliminated from the Champions League Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags group stage on Tuesday. But their manager, like Moyes, has no intention of walking away. Bentez, who hopes to have Fernando Torres available tomorrow, said: „When Real Madrid played Liverpool in the 1981 European Cup final, I was a Real Madrid player, a fan. I decided to stay here after years of receiving offers, listening to big clubs, top sides, offering me more money, and I decided to stay here because I want the best for this club. I signed a five-year contract because of my commitment to the fans and the club, the staff and the players.

„I will keep working hard and I will keep winning games for this club and hopefully in five years‘ time we can be talking about an extension to my contract.“

The Liverpool manager has rebuked Jamie Redknapp for the former Anfield midfielder’s claim that he „manipulates the Bicester Village Prada Refund fans“ and is leading a team „that is not really going anywhere“. Bentez believes Redknapp’s comments were a Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money deliberate attempt to unsettle Liverpool and so aid his father’s attempt to take Tottenham Hotspur into the Champions League at their expense.

He added: „I could read Redknapp was saying this and I understand that Redknapp’s family are working together trying to be in the top four, but we will be in the top four. I’m surprised that people who were close to Liverpool before are working so hard to trying to help Tottenham stay in the top four.“