Offloading your breakup baggage literally as well as figuratively can be very liberating. For some of our sellers, it’s cathartic enough to just list the item and tell the story behind it. Not surprisingly, it’s the stories we all connect to. The NBA rumour mill is revved up with free agency fast approaching. Superteam and a leak that Boston is also angling to land Leonard (no doubt designed to up the return for the Spurs and/or force the Lakers to surrender more in a potential deal). In other news, Indiana Pacers forward Thaddeus Young opted into his contract, Paul George declined to opt in in Oklahoma City, but that only means he can now re sign there for even more money and DeAndre Jordan to Dallas talks reportedly continue to heat up Nike Crown League returns for its fourth season in Toronto starting this Saturday at Ryerson Kerr Hall at 1:30..

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