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canada goose sale Unless they were busy eating currywurst in the corner somewhere we also missed them at Gamescom, but we did at last get a chance to play the game. And it just as marvellous as we hoped.To be fair, we are huge 2D shooter fans and since that what it seemed to be from the earlier footage we were neither surprised nor disappointed to find it a homage to not just Max Fleischer but also Super Probotector (aka Contra III) and its ilk. The set up is that Cuphead and his pal Mugman, if you playing with another person, have unwisely gambled their souls with the devil and now have to do his bidding to earn them back.If you a 2D shooter fan as well then you won be surprised to find that Cuphead is a difficult game, and we do mean that in the Dark Souls sense of the word. canada goose sale

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