Hostile water mages are high priority targets especially in crowds because they can heal allies. The presence of multiple water mage enemies can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to kill off hostile melee fighters due to the constant healing. Spin Attack: Warriors have this as their second skill, ogres are able to do this, and some bosses get this attack in two variations: a spin that lasts a long time but the boss stays still, and one where the boss spins and tries to rush and crash into you.

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In keeping with the late Medieval setting, there is also a schismatic sect of Space Protestants, the Incarnates, who encourage „heretical“ views such as the idea that everyone shares a spark of the Pancreator’s Holy Flame (rather than merely reflecting its light) and that laity should engage in personal study of the Omega Gospels, rather than merely being taught by the priests.

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