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Cheap Prada AirAsia BIG, the loyalty program owned by Asia’s biggest budget airline and Malaysia’s Tune Group, could raise about $100 million by selling about a 30 percent stake, the people said.The sale highlights AirAsia’s attempts to monetize its affiliates and comes after the airline co founded by entrepreneur Tony Fernandes reported its first net loss in two years in the October December quarter.Asian airlines are waking up to the value of frequent flyer and loyalty programs. [ID:nL3N0R51L0]AirAsia did not respond to requests for comment. The sources declined to be identified as the discussions are confidential.The deal was expected to close in a few months, although the talks were currently at an early stage and the value and stake were subject to change, the people said.Airlines sell miles in bulk to commercial partners, whichuse the credits to attract customers and mine valuable data on their spending habits Cheap Prada.