Top 10 craft beer pubs in Leeds


It is Bundobusts Indian street food that has been grabbing headlines but this raw space C all bare brick, chipboard, corrugated steel C bills itself as a bar and takes its beer seriously. It carries a core of entry-level ales (including an intriguing house pils perfumed with roasted coriander seeds), but across 12 taps and a similarly recherch bottled menu, Bundobust is very much a connoisseurs bar C with such delights as Mikkeller Green Gold on draft C and one where the beers can cost a small fortune. Devils Rest from Burning Sky is a hugely complex new-wave IPA but here, it costs a staggering 7.50 for a 330ml bottle. This is no place for a rip-roaring drinking session then, but Bicester Village Prada Online somewhere to sample a few very special brews. My 3.50 half of Brew By Numbers wheat-spiked White IPA was seriously pricey, but wonderful: thick, spicy, electrifyingly bitter, full of ripe tropical fruit flavours. The clued-up staff will happily talk you through the menu or, for instance, explain what that contraption on the bar top is (it is a Randall, used to infuse draft beer with fruit, herbs and such like).? Pint from 3.50. 6 Mill Hill, 0113 243 1248,