But first there’s the matter of her senior year at Benton Harbor. The Tigers reached the Class B state semifinals last year. Gondrezick, who is also currently her class Salutatorian with a 4.32 GPA, enters her senior year with 1,976 career points. In fact, getting to New Jersey is one of the state biggest advantages. New Jersey convenience to major airports is a huge benefit in terms of convenience and flexibility. Flying into JFK or LaGuardia for instance can allow guests the opportunity to split their time while visiting other area destinations, like New York City, while traveling for a wedding.

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Part of the teal invasion of the 1990s, the Sharks have grown into their look quite nicely. The logo is starting to feel like a modern classic, and the orange trim on the home and road uniforms really enhances those designs. Now if they just scrap those front uni numbers.

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