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canada goose sale outlet Murphy also admitted at an investor conference that the clothing retailer made mistakes recently and said Cheap Canada Goose its flagship brand needs significant changes in North America.Gap can get its operating profit margin back to the 2010 level of 13.4 percent „at some point in the near future,“ he added during a presentation to analysts in New York.Gap slashed its full year earnings forecast last month, sending its stock down more than 10 percent May 20.On Wednesday, Murphy partly blamed that forecast on soaring cotton and yarn prices earlier in 2011. But he also said the company was partly at fault.Gap’s assumptions about the cost of goods for the second half of 2011 were too low and the company could have avoided some of the problems by buying more fabric earlier, Murphy said.“Could we have done more with hindsight? Yes,“ Murphy said, explaining that the company is changing its strategy for buying material.“We’ve got to look vendors straight in the eye and say we’re cutting back,“ Murphy said. „We didn’t do enough of it canada goose sale outlet.