Country diary

Lanes edged in sodden meadowsweet, hemp agrimony and rosebay converge at isolated but named cross roads across pastoral can you machine wash canada goose jacket Woolfardisworthy – pronounced and spelt locally as „Woolsery“. The church’s doorway, carved with zigzags and beaked heads, leads to a light interior with pillars cut from granite brought across from Lundy related website, carved bench-ends and ephemeral sunbeams casting coloured dapples on the reclining figure of a 17th century monument.

This year the district’s agricultural show (held annually since 1881) is at Clovelly Court, coastwards of the prehistoric dykes. Yesterday’s rain has passed, mist clears off Bideford Bay and blue sky appears as competitors in the concours canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews d’elégance drive their traps and carriages around the main ring, fetlocks and wheels splattered in mud. Immaculate horses and riders parade in adjoining rings as children on ponies are led canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo away through the mud. amazon canada goose jacket Appreciative spectators squelch and plod about, visiting the craft and food tent with displays of local cheeses, canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo pies, can i wash my canada goose jacket honey and sausages.

The livestock section is dominated by North Devon or Ruby cattle, tethered to bars after judging and picturesque among the spreading oaks of this spectacular parkland above the wooded cliffs. The more recently developed and increasingly popular British Blues, buying a canada goose jacket online ranging from white to blue/black, have long backs and prominent meaty rumps.

Away from the rutted showground, where some lorries and cars had to be towed out, towards remote and ancient Blegberry (possibly on the site of a house built in 1202), butterflies appear in a sunny interval, fluttering above buy canada goose jacket toronto bridleways which best fake canada goose jacket cross the coastal valleys of trees best place to buy a canada goose jacket in toronto pruned by the wind. Hartland Abbey’s river emerges at Blackpool Mill. The tide is out, revealing rock ribs and slabs which dwarf the few people walking by. Diminishing patches of silver on the rough sea, a rainbow arching over ripening barley, and greying Lundy indicate yet more rain.