Chinese puzzle for Palace

The Football Association are to launch an investigation into whether #400,000 was misappropriated from the transfer deal which took two Chinese players to Crystal Palace in August.

What makes this case unique, however, is that no „crime“ has yet been reported. Palace were tipped off in a newspaper article to the possibility that only #930,000 of the #1.35 million they paid for Fan Zhiyi, the China national captain, best canada goose coat for women and Sun Jihai would be reaching the respective Chinese clubs.

But no one at the Chinese end has yet formally complained about being short-changed. The FA spokesman Steve Double said: „Palace have asked us to look at this, which we will, though if the matter warrants further investigation it will be a subject for Fifa to deal with because it is an canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland international transfer.

„But the situation at the moment is buy canada goose coat uk that Palace are going to make enquiries with the Chinese authorities.“ If, added Double, they „have a problem with this transfer then neither Palace or ourselves know about it“.

After bright blue canada goose jacket a Palace board meeting yesterday, a statement was issued: „It was best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest confirmed that the board had requested an FA-assisted inquiry into the destination of monies paid by the club to a Chinese FA bank account in London, authorised by its London representative more about canadagoosecanadaoutlet, for its two Chinese players.“ The Palace manager Terry Venables distanced himself from canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet the deal, saying: „Thank goodness transfers have nothing to do with buying a canada goose jacket online me any more. I am just the coach.“

The two players were originally offered to Southampton by Ted Buxton, a former coach with the China national team and currently one of Venables’s aides at Palace.

Southampton rejected the pair after a trial, doubting best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store whether they were up to Premiership standards and they eventually joined Palace.

In a separate move, Palace confirmed that an in-depth investigation was taking place at the club into financial dealings before Mark Goldberg took charge this summer. can someone check if this canada goose outlet website is authentic best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest

He bought the club in a #22 million deal from the previous chairman Ron Noades. Noades is understood to have issued a writ against Goldberg claiming he owes him #1.1 million in unpaid loans and interest.